Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Rules For Social Media Debates

I guess it is going to become a quadrennial post, but once again we must review The Rules For Social Media Debates.

Quick history lesson: Social Media was not much of a presence in 2008 for the Obama versus McCain election. Facebook was popular with kids mainly because it showed co-eds pooching their lips out like ducks. Twitter was out there, but nobody really understood it that much. ("How can I explain my deeply held belief in 140 characters?")

By the time 2012 arrived (Obama versus Romney), parents had invaded Facebook. People finally got Twitter. ("How many cuss words can I write with 140 characters?")  People worried about civility back then.  How quaint.

By 2016, parents had learned that you did not need to share a photograph of your dinner when you could share the same article many of your Facebook friends shared ("Hillary Clinton is Really Married to Sasquatch. DO WE NEED A BIGAMIST IN THE WHITE HOUSE???!!!")

Of course, this lead to another article shared by other Facebook friends ("Donald Trump: My God")

The sharers of the first article would comment on the second article:  "It is amazing that someone with such bad taste in women (Yeah Madge, I'm talking about you!!! You know what you did at that Christmas party!!!) would denigrate a great American like Mr. Trump, who has been able to hold on to a job, unlike YOU!!!"  

Then it would go down hill from there.

Twitter is far worse than Facebook.  Facebook is like a dog barking at you. Twitter is a rabid dog. 

I feel sorry for famous people on Twitter. 

Tom Hanks: "I like toast. Hanx"
Moby Grape: "SHUT THE (BAD WORD) UP!"

So you can imagine what happened to some people this election cycle on Twitter. A lot of it was very, very mean and nasty. ( I saw Very, Very, Mean and Nasty open for Cheap Trick one time.)

These are rules for Social Media Debates.

1.  The people that disagree with you are not mistaken or misguided. They are evil.

2.  It is important to type in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS to win your argument.

3. Don't worry about hurting anyone's feelings. They shouldn't step foot in the Thunderdome if they have pumpkin feelings.

4. By all means, use the F word as much as possible. Nothing wins an argument as quickly as that.

5. If that doesn't work, point out all spelling and grammatical errors.  Because spelling + grammar = TRUTH.

6. Memes are still effective but GIFs are better. (I believe that future generations will no longer communicate by writing. Instead, they will communicate  by continuous GIFs.)

7. Do not worry about making sense or even having facts.

8. Never concede a point. You might die.

9. Describe everybody that you slightly disagree with as poop.  Then make fun of them when they get mad at you.

10. Make broad accusations.

11. Comment as much as possible about politics, leaving out anything that might be personal. ("My wife had triplets, but it was the morning after Trump got elected and I was so mad at the racist homophobic, xenophobic, and ailurophobic goobs  who voted for the Orange Idiot that I neglected to post pictures.  Stupid Mike Pence")

12. Always remember: YOU'RE RIGHT AND THEY ARE WRONG.

Just clip and save to help you through the next election. Or maybe just scroll really fast past the political posts.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Something Happened

You walk into the room with your pencil in your hand
You see somebody naked and you say, "Who is that man?"
You try so hard but you don't understand
Just what you will say when you get home
Because something is happening here but you don't know what it is
Do you, Mr. Jones?  ~  Bob Dylan

I was wrong.

Not only that, I was wrong twice in four years.

I have written two blog posts explaining how Donald Trump would never ever in a billion years become President of the United States.  Here's a link to the first one: http://manisville.blogspot.com/2011/04/who-will-not-become-president-donald.html.  

Here's a link to the second one: http://manisville.blogspot.com/2015/07/who-will-not-become-president-donald.html

I think it is safe to say that I am not a direct descendant of Nostradamus, who incidentally, predicted Trump's victory.

I am totally Mr. Jones. Something was happening and I didn't know what it was. For some reason, this doesn't surprise my wife.

Trump is too rich. He is too vulgar. He doesn't understand complex issues. He's a long winded narcissistic boor. He's been married three time. You can easily find nude pictures of the future First Lady on the internet. Or so I'm told.

He's mean and nasty. He has a short fuse. He's a "hater" and a demagogue. He's very thin skinned and lashes out viciously at critics.

On top of all of that, the Republican Party was split between the Trump people and the "elites" (people that refused to kiss Trump's rump).   He insulted Jeb Bush. He basically called George W. Bush a war criminal. He named Marco Rubio "Lil Marco". He called Ted Cruz "Lyin Ted" and pushed the story that Cruz's father was somehow involved in the Kennedy Assisination.

Those are a lot of liabilities. But, he had a couple of assests.

One: his name was not Hillary Clinton.  Hillary Clinton would have won if she wasn't a micromanged lying skunk. Of course, she wouldn't be Hillary Clinton if she wasn't a micromanaged lying skunk.

Her first response to any question is to lie. You can count on it.  Ask her what's the weather is like outside and if she says "Sunny", you better take an umbrella.

Bengahzi is a perfect example. Instead of saying it was a terrorist attack, Clinton lies about, fabricating an insane story about a video that's just one or two notches above"the dog ate my homework" in believability.

The E-mail story is the same way. Everything Clinton has ever said about it was not a fib or a little white lie, it was a flat out whopper.

Clinton was a terrible campaigner. Her speeches were yelled in a flat Midwestern accent. It wasn't inspiring.

Trump's slogan was "Make America Great Again", which was attacked as natvistic. Of course, Bill Clinton said it every day in the 1992 campaign.

Clinton's slogan was "I'm With Her". Wow, aren't we lucky.

Clinton's husband once said that "Republicans fall in line and Democrats fall in love". In this election, the Republicans, except for some #Nevertrumpers like me, fell in line and voted for Trump. For the most part, the Democrats that fell in love with Obama didn't fall in love with Clinton and they stayed home.

The second asset was the contemptuous spirit of American liberals. American liberals do not want to discuss and debate. American liberals want to mock and ridicule.  American liberals fancy themselves as the kids at the cool table. They have become the Mean Girls. They are the ones who make the rules and those rules can charge whenever they like for any reason. 

They are always ready with a sermon. They are always ready to yell and scream. They are always ready to block on Facebook and Twitter.

They are always decrying "close mindedness" but they never seem open to another point of view.  They preach tolerance, but rarely ever practice it.  They enforce a level of political correctness on college campuses that goes way beyond manners and enters into the land of suppression. Sally Kohn freely admitted to Kristen Powers: “If [conservatives on campus] feel like they can no longer speak against positive social change, good.”

Guess who decides the meaning of "positive social change"?  Hint: it is not anyone that's not sitting at the cool kid's table.

In her Op-Ed piece in USA TODAY, Powers said this:

There is a sense among many “Cracker Barrel” Americans [note: Trump won 76% of the counties that have a Cracker Barrel, one of the exceptions was Cobb County] that they are not only expected to accept rapid cultural changes, but they are obliged to never even express a reservation or ask for more time to adjust. The choice is full-throated embrace or nothing.
They wanted someone to stand athwart history and yell stop. Donald Trump was that man. So they made him president.

I didn't vote for Trump. I voted for Gary Johnson. But you have to tip your hat to Trump. He went out and found The Forgotten Man and at least acted like he was listening to him. Which is more than you can say for Hillary Clinton and most of the American Left.


Wednesday, November 2, 2016

This Week's Picks!

Welp, another year, another Georgia loss to Florida.

At this time last year, I wasn't sure how Coach Cutie Pie was going to keep his job as the Head Coach of the Georgia Bulldogs due to an embarrassing loss to the Florida Lizards Gators.   He didn't.

Mark Richt was fired and Kirby-Not-So-Smart, an acolyte of Coach Nick Satan was hired.

The thought was Coach Not-So-Smart had some of Coach Satan's winner cooties on him and soon the Bulldogs will be leading the pack in their silver britches.

After eight games, Georgia is 4-4. Please kindly lower your expectations, the man is building a process here.

When we look back on the 2016 Georgia campaign, we will all remember the moment we knew Georgia's season was going to suck, big time.  For me, it was the first half of the Nichols game. A lower ranked FCS school in the Southland conference went toe to toe with one of the legacy programs in The SEC and College Football.

I ask Georgia to win four games in a season. I want them to beat: Tennessee, Florida, Auburn, and Georgia Tech.  They have lost to Tennessee and Florida. They probably won't beat Auburn and Tech.

All I'm saying is Coach Not-So-Smart needs to process out a better season next year.

This Week's Picks!

Bad Dawgs vs Kenyucky:  In a normal season, the Kentucky game would be easy-greasy for Georgia. But this is not a normal season. On paper, Georgia is a better team than Kentucky and should win. Of course, Georgia was a better team on paper than Vanderbilt. They better win or they won't even be able to sniff a Shreveport bowl game.  UGA wins.

Bees vs Heels of Tar:  I can't decide if Tech is really good or not. Their five wins have come against bad teams (BC, Vandy, Mercer, Georgia Southern, and Duke) and their three losses (all conference, by the way) have come against good teams (Clemson, Miami, and Pitt). I see them as a mediocre team that can't keep up. But, I'll give them this: they killed Vandy.  UNC wins

Coach Paul Johnson Gets The Holy Ghost

Bama vs Ellesyou:  LSU finally cut crazy Les Miles loose and now their interim head coach is Ed Orgeron from Larose, Louisiana which is way back in the swamp. He used to hunt alligator for a living. He'd just knock them in the head with a stump.  Everyone blamed Ed's old man for making him mean as a snake. When Ed Orgeron was a boy his daddy would use him for alligator bait. Anyway, Orgeron has LSU playing better football and there is a possibility they could theoretically surprise Bama. You can't surprise Nick Satan. Bama wins.

The Interim Head Coach Of LSU

Huskers of Corn vs  Eyes of The Buck:  I haven't written too much about The Ohio State University in the state of Ohio because for some reason, probably being scared by Woody Hayes as a child, I've never cared that much for them. Plus, I've always felt the stickers they put on their helmets look like marijuana leaves.  Oh, look, Nebraska is back to being a good football team again. You know who is the biggest celebrity fan of Nebraska? Larry The Cable Guy. I'm tempted to say Nebraska will get it done. But they won't. Ohio State wins.

Told You

Benny's Eagles vs Ole Mess:  Ole Miss is probably the best four loss team in the nation. Georgia Southern isn't so hot this year so the Rebs should rebound. Ole Miss wins.

My Beloved Owls vs Clark-Atlanta:  What school's football team has the best record in the state of Georgia? Answer: Kennesaw State University.  The Hooters are really hooting this year. KSU  wins.